Deliq Finance

🚀Getting started

Deliq Finance is a Avalanche based decentralized , transparent liquidity provisioning protocol powered by blockchain technology.Our mission is to redesign the the capital inefficient markets by providing them a liquidity infrastructure layer which supplies liquidity to protocols across chains.The economic potential of the future will be fulfilled by harnessing global liquidity and supplying it to areas of greatest opportunity.
Deliq creates a transparent and completely decentralized liquidity engine by introducing a Liquidity-by -Staking model to provide healthy liquidity to the markets.With Deliq decentralized protocols will be able to attract liquidity without using liquidity mining incentives as temporary measures
In a nutshell , Deliq stands on three pillars namely Liquidity Providers , Liquidity Directors .Each component coupled with the others paves the way for creating a sustainable liquidity layer for DeFi ecosystem.
Deliq seeks to build a future that is decentralized, efficient, and empowering.
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