Deliq Finance
Manager.sol explained
The contract that manages the liquidity flow throughout the system
Manager contract coordinates the flow of capital across the protocols and deploys the pool liquidity to exchanges and other DeFi protocols . It couples the capital in Basic with pool with General pools to deploy liquidity to Sushiswap etc.
The Manager contract is very flexible in the actions it can perform to make those moves. Figuring out what those moves look like (how much, in what chunks, to where) is an operation that is currently computed on chain. Less gas costs on Solana and Avalanche allows for efficient and transparent and provable deployment.
There are three major roles in the contract for ensuring secure handling and deployment liquidity
  • Admin - This the major role handling the most important and capital intensive tasks . This role will be handles by the DeliqDAO multisig . Major tasks of admin include creating new pools , adding more tokens to the basic pool etc.
  • Shuffler - The role includes shuffling the capital from one pool to other or handling the withdrawal requests . Mostly used to distribute capital across pools to maintain the balance in the pools at the end of weekly phases.
  • Protector - Role majorly includes IL mitigation in the pool and making sure LPs are properly made whole and rolling over the capital from one pools to other in case of Surplus capitals.
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