💱Deliq Liquidity Pools (DLPs)

There exists three types of pools in the Deliq ecosystem :

  • Basic pools

  • General pools

Each pool has it's own specific use case , assets , risk profile , reward profile etc.

Basic Pools

These pools only contain assets like AVAX/USDC initially other assets can be added by DeliqDAO . Assets of these pools are used to couple with assets of General , Special pools and then directed to exchanges . Other Stablecoins can be added by DLQ holders.

General pools

These pools comprise of almost all assets like Joe token , PNG token etc . The liquidity of these pools are directed to Trader Joe , Pangolin etc and are prone to impermanent loss from price changes in the assets.These pools are recommended for users who can tolerate high risk . These pools usually have less rewards ( as IL risk is mitigated by PCA).

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