Deliq Finance
Liquidity Deployment
Liquidity being deployed to exchanges will depend on various factors to ensure proper collateralization in pools as well balanced pairing of assets.
If liquidity is provided to Joe/USDC pair , here Joe is the Base asset and USDC is the Quote asset .

Parameters that determine the deployment logic

1) Quantity of asset in PCA reserve - Do not deploy more than 3x (Alpha) the quantity available in reserve.
2) Base asset in pool available to pair with quote asset - If quote asset is not sufficient to pair with all base assets , it will be proportionately distributed across pools.
3) DLQ staked in the pool - DLQ staked + Reserve of Joe = LP Sushi . Which means at least 2/3rd of the value of asset in pool should be staked by LDs.

Equations and logic.

1) Based on qty asset in PCA -
  • (ABC_inPCA) = QTY of asset in Reserve .
  • (Alpha) = Reserve multiple
  • (ABC_LP) = QTY of asset in pool .
  • (ABC_deployable) = QTY of asset that can be deployed .
IF ABCinPCA×AlphaABCLPTHEN LPABCdeployable1=ABCLPIF ABCinPCA × AlphaABCLPTHEN LPABCdeployable1 =ABCinPCA×AlphaIF \space ABC_{inPCA} \times Alpha \geq ABC_{LP} \newline THEN \space LP_{ABC_{deployable1}} = ABC_{LP} \newline IF \space ABC_{inPCA} \space \times \space Alpha \leq ABC_{LP} \newline THEN \space LP_{ABC_{deployable1}} \space = ABC_{inPCA} \times Alpha
2) Based on quote asset available to pair -
If the qty of quote asset available to pair isn't enough , the quote asset will be pro rata distributed across the pools.
IF LPquotedeployable1SumAssetsdeployable1THEN Quotepairable=1IF LPquotedeployable1<SumAssetsdeployable1THEN Quotepairable=LPquotedeployable1 ÷SumAssetsdeployable1LPABCdeployable1×Quotepairable=LPABCdeployable2IF \space LPquote_{deployable1} \geq SumAssets_{deployable1} \newline THEN \space Quote_{pairable} = 1 \newline IF \space LPquote_{deployable1} < SumAssets_{deployable1}\newline THEN \space Quote_{pairable}= LPquote_{deployable1}\space \div SumAssets_{deployable1}\newline \rightarrow LP_{ABC_{deployable1}} \times Quote_{pairable}= LP_{ABC_{deployable2}}