Deliq Finance
😎Opportunity in Layer-2
Layer 2 bridges
We believe the most important element for Deliq to reach the Ideal stage lies where the demand of liquidity is ever increasing , that is the layer 2 ecosystem . In the future interoperability between the chains is possible only if there is free flow of liquidity into the bridges that connect them . Currently Layer 2 solution bridges on Ethereum are ready to suck in all the liquidity they get because of the demand . Hop protocol is the primary example where Deliq can enable frictionless liquidity flow.
There are two elements in Hop protocol where there is sheer demand of liquidity , the Hop AMM and Bonders.
How HOP works :
1) Users deposit USDC to the Hop AMM on Chain 1, the 1:1 stable swap of Hop AMM releases same amount of intermediary hUSDC on Chain 2 .
2) The bonder provides upfront liquidity for hUSDC on Chain 2.
3) The Hop AMM on Chain 2 swaps hUSDC for USDC .
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